Installing, Starting & Stopping The Indexer


The transaction indexer comes as a docker cluster which runs locally.


Docker should be installed and running.

Clone the Mailchain repository to your .mailchain/mailchain folder:

git clone ~/.mailchain/mailchain
cd ~/.mailchain/mailchain

Starting the Indexer

The indexer is preconfigured for 3 networks:



Edgeware Mainnet

make edgeware-mainnet

Edgeware Testnet (beresheet)

make edgeware-beresheet

Edgeware Local (development)

make edgeware-local

Select the network and run the appropriate make command (e.g. make edgeware-mainnet). This will download or update the required docker containers.

NOTE: If working in local mode, you can access the preconfigured development accounts here if you need to transfer a balance to accounts you configured in Setting Up > Add Account.

If successful, the output will be similar to the following:

Creating network "mailchain_default" with the default driver
Pulling database (postgres:)...
latest: Pulling from library/postgres
bf5952930446: Downloading [===============> ] 8.399MB/27.09MB
Creating mailchain_database_1 ... done
Creating mailchain_receiver_1 ... done
Creating mailchain_indexer-migration_1 ... done
Creating mailchain_indexer-substrate-mainnet_1 ... done
indexer-substrate_1 | 2020/09/27 19:19:51 Connecting to ws://
receiver_1 | [negroni] listening on :8080
indexer-substrate_1 | block number: 3191664
indexer-substrate_1 | block hash: 0x81c694ba6973213905a8beaa8f8b69db395fb060606411d19c4f3b575c5f9b4c
indexer-substrate_1 | next block number: 3191665
indexer-substrate_1 | block number: 3191665

Stopping the Indexer

To gracefully stop the indexer, press Ctrl+C.